Which Garden Girlie Are You?

Are you eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to get your toes in warm, soft grass and take in all the gorgeous smells and colours? Can’t wait to read a book in your backyard, get to know your green thumb or take a walk in a local garden? Then you might be a garden girlie!

Whether you’re a self proclaimed garden girlie or a humble lover of spending time outdoors, you might have pondered what area of nature you’re most connected to, or what aspect perfectly reflects your vibe. Perhaps you are looking to treat a gorgeous garden girlie? Learn a little about the stories and personalities behind my designs and find the perfect gift…


These busy bees are full of energy! Always hardworking and pushing themselves to do their very best. Girlies who recognise themselves in the bee are extremely dedicated to their work, but they’re also incredibly loyal to the people and causes they care about.

Though we may be small we are all essential in our own way. What I love about bees is they are so little, yet the whole ecosystem depends on them. We have a lot to thank bees for and would do well to treasure our stripy friends!


Moths can be unassuming at first, but these quietly confident little creatures show their true beauty when they spread their wings and reveal their stunning and complex patterns. People who match the moth’s energy are often night owls and spread a calm vibe wherever they go.

The Moth represents humility. A gentle, fragile beauty, she’s full of subtlety and personality. Often overlooked, the moth is understated yet still catches the sensitive gaze of the insightful soul.


Someone who relates to the bud recognises they’re at the start of a journey. Whether it’s a new venture, inner work or setting off travelling, the bud is full of energy and ready to go! It’s important to celebrate and remember the times when you’ve been a little bud, just about to bloom.

It takes courage to push yourself to places you’ve never been before. A bud is a flower-in-waiting ready to grow strong roots to weather the storms. A symbol of hope and new potential.


Blossoms are the epitome of feminine energy. You’ll catch them soaking up the sun in floaty summer dresses and always value a good floral print. These girlies know their worth and aren’t afraid to shout about it. By showing off their bright petals, blossoms encourage those around them to also shine.

Embrace your feminine energy with a heartfelt tribute to nature’s most enchanting creations. Each flower blooms in its own way, a celebration of authenticity and the power of being unapologetically you. Find strength in vulnerability, embrace your own unique path, and blossom with boundless creativity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out what type of garden girlie you are, and whilst it’s just a little fun, I hope it’s gotten you thinking about all the ways we can see ourselves in the world around us. Seeing Spring blossom this month has me thinking about how watching nature change with the seasons is a wonderful reminder that we are all connected to something much bigger than our everyday lives. From plants to pollinators, all these tiny elements play an important role in their ecosystem.

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, walking through a beautiful garden or nurturing your own. That’s why my Garden Series is saturated with the flora and fauna that embellish my own Herefordshire garden. Crafted with 100% recycled silver and inspired by my love for all things nature, which design speaks to you the most?

Keep growing,


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