There is nowhere I am happier than in my garden studio.

Designing botanical treasures and bringing my sketches to life. Imitating the effortless beauty of nature, my style combines a stripped back simplicity with understated luxury.

For me, being an artist is about storytelling.

Jewellery is a wonderful conversation starter, telling stories from the heart whether they're about your personal style or a beloved heritage. I tell my narrative through collections of jewels where each design has a special meaning. It’s my passion to create lifelong pieces you will fall in love with.

You’ll often find me outdoors,

walking through the Brecon Beacons or exploring our local Herefordshire woodland. Soaking up the wisdom of the trees and listening to their whispers, that always make their way into my work. My dad is a mountaineer and from a young age we would go hiking together, I have fond memories of adventures in North Yorkshire’s vast countryside and the beautifully floral parks and gardens in Harrogate (my hometown).

My collections are ethical and environmentally friendly.

I’m passionate about recycling and re-using whatever I can; working with recycled precious metals and collecting waste gold dust to be melted down and reimagined. Jewellery HQ is powered by solar energy and any water I use in jewellery making processes is rainwater from the roof! I’m always learning about new eco-friendly practices.

Despite over 10 years of industry experience I never tire of turning tales into keepsakes.

That's why I adore designing bespoke pieces. Future heirlooms created with a sense of collaboration and connection, each and every contemporary creation is inspired by your story (I particularly love a bit of sparkle). The beauty of bespoke is that it is utterly original and truly takes on a life of its own.

I’m a simple girl at heart.

You’ll find me in one of a few places - exploring the great outdoors, curled up indoors with Rusty (the cutest cocker spaniel) and a good book, or working happily in my studio, designing beautiful jewels that speak to your heart.

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