Signature Series

for the nurturers

Garden Series

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, walking through a beautiful garden or nurturing your own. The Garden Series is saturated with the flora and fauna that embellish my Herefordshire garden.

Watching nature grow and change with the seasons is a wonderful reminder that we are all connected to something much bigger than our everyday lives.


for the dreamers

Heirloom Series

Lifelong pieces for you to fall in love with, a little sparkle and a hint of my signature botanical style.

Designed with sentiment and soul and created with the most beautiful hand-selected gemstones, each one-of-a-kind ring is crafted to the highest quality with great care and attention to detail. Made with 100% recycled gold and celebrating beauty in the simplest of things.


for the adventurers

Woodland Series

My debut collection will always be close to my heart. Inspired by those sweet memories, adventuring through the woods as a child and capturing that free-spirited feeling and sense of awe.

The sycamore seed perfectly illustrates balance with its beautifully engineered symmetry, a gift from the tree spiralling into your palm. And so modestly meaningful, the understated acorn holds all the power of the great oak, associated with growth, hope and new life. The perfect good luck charm!


for the storytellers

Heritage Series

I love to look back at where we came from and where we are now, looking at how our roots inspire our identity and combining the heritage and heart of our past with the beauty and magic of our present.

Trees have held significant symbolism throughout history and I’m fascinated by how they can carry personal stories, making them a unique and meaningful part of our lives.