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Hello! As I’ve been busy in Jewellery HQ crafting some gorgeous bespoke rings this month, I’ve found myself thinking all about how sentimental rings are and why they can be so important to us. Have you ever wondered when we humans started wearing bands of silver and gold around our fingers to carry stories, heritage and even our own identity? Grab a cup of tea, get cosy, and let’s take a little journey through the fascinating history of rings.

Did you know that the earliest rings we know of were discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs? These weren't just pretty accessories; they were signet or seal rings with intricate engravings that served as personal signatures to authenticate documents. Imagine a time when a small, beautifully carved scarab beetle on a ring held both your identity and your power. These scarab rings were talismans, believed to bring protection and luck.

Fast forward to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, where rings also played a significant role. The Romans are believed to have started the tradition of exchanging rings as symbols of true love and commitment. These rings often depicted two clasped right hands, representing fidelity and unity. Another popular design was the knot of Hercules, symbolising the bond of marriage and perhaps the origin of the phrase "tying the knot."

Finally, let’s journey to the Middle Ages, when rings were the most popular jewellery piece of the time. They were so important that laws were created to regulate their use based on rank. Signet rings were widely used, sealing letters and authenticating messages. Rings of love and friendship were also popular, becoming treasured tokens exchanged between close companions.


Isn’t it fascinating how rings have carried such deep personal meanings throughout history? Today, I love creating jewellery that resonates with your values and tells your unique stories. Bespoke rings, in particular, offer a unique way to express your individuality and keep your special memories close.

Which is why I’m delighted to share that I have designed five new unique rings which are now available to shop online, crafted with specially hand-selected gemstones. These hand crafted rings are a labour of love, each has it's own story and is designed to reflect your unique personality and style. 

Let’s continue this timeless tradition of wearing our stories on our fingers, with jewellery that’s crafted to be cherished for generations to come.


Happy browsing, and may your next ring be a beautiful chapter in your own personal story.

Keep growing, 


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